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Team Z is a different sort of brand-building marketing communications agency. No bricks & mortar. No overhead. No kidding.

Bottom line: you'll underpay for great work.

Team Z is the smart alternative for businesses who want to outsource a specific project or need a fresh marketing perspective. Our clients are established companies, fast-growing newer enterprises, non-profit organizations on tight budgets and agencies who need fast turnaround and/or specific expertise.

You will find us to be responsive, creative and cost-effective. Engage us and we’ll accomplish the task on time and on budget.

Since we work on a project basis, you pay for our thinking and creative brilliance only when you need it. And even though Team Z is a "virtual" agency, you'll see real results.

"Things that get measured get done."


  • Strategic Marketing Communications 
  • Concept Development & Copywriting 
  • Branding, Identity & Design 
  • Web Sites, Email & Web Strategies 
  • Media Advertising 
  • Direct Marketing 
  • Sales Promotion & Merchandising 
  • PR & Community Relations 
  • Organizational Communications


Stuff We've Done

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Stuff We've Shot

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About the Work

We’ve worked in dozens of industries so our work reflects a wide range of solutions which match the branding and marketing message to the precise target audience. The small sampling of work at left is meant to underscore the fact that our “toolbox“ is well-equipped and our resource base virtually limitless.

We often work with professional photographers, but timing and budgets occasionally dictate alternatives. The bottom ten images are examples of stuff we’ve shot for Team Z projects.

About Us

Team Z Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

With insight, strategic thinking, and breakthrough creative, Team Z delivers solutions that work-- convincing marketing messages that attract customers to your brand, office, showroom, store, restaurant, medical center, stadium, admissions office or e-commerce site.

You may also want to engage us to help with other things that matter to your success—building your brand, engaging prospects, satisfying customers, and enhancing revenues. We are always willing to apply our unique experience to help you succeed.

Words Matter

Words are powerful (and critical) components of any campaign and we're often hired solely for our concept & copywriting talents. New challenges are always exciting...stirring our analytical and creative juices to develop that fresh new solution. Team Z is always looking for a few more great clients.


There Is No Substitute For Experience

Mike Zapiecki, the driving force behind Team Z, is an advertising agency veteran. He has traveled extensively, was CEO of a $20 million 50-person marketing agency and even served on the national 4As Agency Management Board. He understands the costs, benefits, strengths and weaknesses of “real” agencies. He launched Team Z Marketing early in the millennium to serve enlightened regional and national clients, sans bricks and mortar.

Core Strength

What we do: Team Z develops sound creative strategies and manages multiple resources on behalf of clients. We value chemistry, clear objectives and great work. We believe in the power of design. Our experience and clear communication assure efficiency, effectiveness and on-time delivery.


Clients We Know and Love

Team Z Marketing has extensive experience across many industry sectors. This translates to the ability to quickly grasp unique product/service features and benefits and understand the audiences you need to persuade. Our experience includes, but is not limited to:

Contact Mike Zapiecki at 419-345-1010 or


  • Architectural & Engineering Firms
  • Automotive Component Makers & Marketers
  • Banks & Financial Service Firms
  • Building Products Marketers
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Fine Dining Establishments
  • Healthcare, Hospitals & Medical Centers
  • Motorcycle Manufacturers & Dealers
  • Non-Profit Organizations & Foundations
  • Professional Service Firms –
    Legal, Accounting
  • Professional Sports Teams –
    Mud Hens, Walleye
  • Staffing Services - Industry & Education
  • Tourism, Travel & CVBs


Direct: 419.345.1010

Team Z Marketing LLC
Postal Box 519
Maumee OH 43537